ENOS EURO was established in Canelli in 1998, as a branch of Enos, a company that has been in the market since 1976.

Armando Scagliola, technical designer and inventor, and Enzo Faccio, a technician specialised in the installation and testing of labelling machines with 30 years’ experience, are firmly convinced that a leader company must reckon on a team of technicians with a passion for mechanics and spurred by the desire to make the dream of many small wine producers come true: independent labelling, in reduced space, using machines meeting all needs.

This idea became our business: ENOS EURO gains prestige and reliability exactly because we care to meet the many and always changing needs of every wine-maker. In these past years, ENOS EURO has conquered a prestigious share of the market and has expanded to many fields, besides the wine making one, manufacturing labelling machines for the beverage industry especially, but also for cosmetics, dairy, oil, food and chemical industries. We design and produce labelling machines suitable for any kind of container and shape.

The range of ENOS EURO labelling machines offers adhesive models for label, back label, year sticker, both on round and square bottles. Our machines are equipped with capsule closure unit and capsule dispenser with cork detector. ENOS EURO labellers are reliable and sturdy; they are manufactured to work hard year after year, they are built in stainless steel AISI 304 and all of them comply with the EC norms.

Customizing has always been the pride of ENOS EURO: labellers implemented with sensors and bottle positioning systems for bottles with notches. Our solutions represent the challenges we’ve won, they are goals for our growth. Yet ENOS EURO also means big sales and commercial net, which translates into prompt and competent assistance.

Quality, after-sale assistance, punctuality: these words are nowadays sometimes misused and have therefore lost their original meaning, but they’ve become our core values, which we like to make available daily, in deeds, for all our customers.

This is the our real strength, one that comes from personal values and one that is seen, appreciated and rewarded by out clients.